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Do you know what sports and exercises are suitable for children?

We all know that exercise is very helpful to physical health, especially for children to keep proper exercise from an early age, which is good for their physical development and growth. But children are relatively young, so we should be careful when choosing the way of exercise.
What are children's sports?
Rubber band skipping: rubber band skipping is a kind of springing exercise, which is very suitable for children. It can not only make children's joints, muscles, hands and legs get coordinated exercise, but also enhance the vitality of brain cells and help children's brain development.
Table tennis: table tennis is also a relatively light sport. Children's eyes are constantly staring at the ball during movement. Shuttling back and forth can also make the eyes move constantly, so as to improve the adjustment ability of eye function, improve vision and improve reaction ability.
Children's dance: practicing dance not only promotes children's growth and development, makes their limbs flexible and flexible, but also cultivates children's self-confidence and good psychological quality, promotes children's intellectual development, and enables children to grow healthily physically and mentally.
Swimming: swimming can not only promote children's growth and development, but also benefit their cardiopulmonary function. It can also exercise children's adaptability to external temperature changes, exercise their muscles, and promote their health.
Active exercise is very helpful to everyone, especially for children who are growing. More exercise can improve immunity and promote bone growth.
Different age groups have different situations
Children of different ages have different conditions and different needs for physical exercise. They should step by step and do what they can, focusing on exercise rather than pursuing results.
Children's physical exercise is mainly to promote the development of basic motor skills. At the age of 3-4 months, grasp toys to exercise hand coordination; At the age of 6 months, it mainly focuses on training coordination and increasing strength, such as exercising children's sitting movements; At the age of 7-10 months, children are mainly allowed to play with toys and learn to crawl; Children at the age of 12 months slowly learn to walk, like to explore, and can walk with their children.
Divide the types of physical exercise by age:
0-1 years old: mainly interactive, at least 30 minutes each time, several times a day;
1-3 years old: exercise for at least 180 minutes every day, such as walking and playing outdoors;
3-5 years old: exercise for more than 180 minutes every day, at least 60 minutes of which are of medium intensity. The main purpose is to train children's exercise skills, play and walk in a safe environment;
5-10 years old: the time for physical exercise is at least 60 minutes a day, and aerobic exercise is at least 3 days a week to promote the growth of muscles and bones, such as dancing and rope skipping;
11-14 years old: at least 60 minutes of exercise every day, including at least 3 days of aerobic exercise a week, mainly interested in physical exercise;
15-18 years old: exercise for at least 60 minutes every day, including aerobic exercise for at least 3 days a week, focusing on physical exercises of interest, and appropriately encouraging group and competitive sports activities.

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