Enjoy shopping online for family recreation and exercise equipment. Our premium-branded products are perfect gifts for your family and friends. We warmly welcome new and old customers to shop at FREE CROXX. 


Supporting the Environment with Sustainable Products

FREE CROXX is devoted to exploring the balance between sustainability and artistic designs while creating quality and functional products.

We pursue the combination of high-tech materials and outstanding processes. We apply new eco-friendly materials to the research and development of our products with our unlimited technical and innovative capabilities. We break industry boundaries by integrating the principles of recyclability into our manufacturing processes. 

Regarding the procurement of materials, we set stringent requirements for our suppliers to achieve higher standards. We improve material utilization by minimizing waste and recycling or reusing surplus materials. In our processes, we are improving operational efficiency and reducing energy emissions with an eye toward a low-carbon future. Furthermore, we are concerned about biodiversity and are committed to taking action to protect and trace the origin of the leather used.



Sustainable Packaging: A Tribute to Nature

Responsible sourcing means not overlooking the paper used for FREE CROXX's iconic packaging and gift boxes. To tackle forest destruction and create a greener customer experience, FREE CROXX gives preference to suppliers with Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification, ensuring strict standards for responsible forest management and traceability of paper products.

Green hearts are nurtured through the smallest details.



Sustainable Practices Embrace the Future

As a pioneer in the field of movement-based family activities, FREE CROXX also leads by example as a guardian of ecosystems and balanced living. 
We embrace the "Leave No Trace" concept, which aims to make outdoor recreational activities and exercise even more enjoyable while minimizing the damage to nature and land. To be responsible for the green earth that we all share, we insist on the pursuit of sustainability. 

Respect for the environment is at the foundation of FREE CROXX. We are always on the path of valuing and positively contributing to nature. 





Eco-friendly Fabrics. The renewable fabrics uphold our respect for the environment.

We use biodegradable materials in combination with multifunctional designs to promote a circular economy through concrete actions.




ROSH Environmental Certification. Effectively controlling environmental pollution.

Restricting the use of certain hazardous substances in electronic devices to reduce environmental damage and other negative impacts.



Ultra-Hard Micro Titanium Aluminum Alloy

Durability: 33% longer product lifetime




Innovative Water Bag Securing Method. Reduce environmental damage and protect the ecosystem.

The ∞ Infinite series opens a new chapter in our sustainability journey, initiating a revolutionary approach to securing tents that reduces the damage that tent stakes do to ground vegetation.





Food-Grade TPU

Safe, harmless, and reusable.

The selection of core materials is a crucial part of a responsible supply chain. We choose the outstanding German BASF TPU for all FAMPING™ products, allowing you and your child to embark freely on a journey of growth.



Iconic Packaging

FSC-certified, traceable, and eco-friendly.

The raw materials for our packaging come from forests that are managed according to sustainability principles. Moreover, to further our commitment to sustainability and protecting the environment, we have introduced water-based printing and peel-and-seal boxes, which reduce the use of disposable plastic tapes.