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Just 3 steps to refresh

STEP 1 | Fill in the inquiry form

We require you to complete an inquiry form to apply for repair and maintenance services for FREE CROXX products.


Click here to download the inquiry form. Print out the form and fill in your contact information and product details.

STEP 2 | Send parcel

Send your product and inquiry form to us:


Address: 575 WuSong Rd.

Trinity Tower Room 3301

Shanghai, China

STEP 3 | Accept and pay

Upon receiving the parcel, our service department will inspect the product and provide a quotation.

We will send this to you by e-mail and include the cost and specifications.

We will confirm with you by reaching out to your registered contact information.


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Repair Services

With the aim of achieving a wonderful and sustainable lifestyle, FREECROXX promotes a recycling model that has limitless possibilities. Instead of discarding outdated or damaged products, we revive them with our outstanding maintenance services. We not only extend the lifespan of the product but also preserve its unique memory for our customers.


Maintenance service

We care for our products like we care for our customers. Although FREECROXX has always adhered to rigorous standards of design, material selection, and manufacturing, regular care and maintenance are essential to maintain the best performance of FREECROXX products. This is especially necessary when considering various outdoor circumstances and usage scenarios. 


Our Services Include

· Washing and drying
· Refilling and replacement of interior liners
· Repairing scratches and damage on textile products (such as tents, canopies, inflatable mats, and more)
· Replacement of product accessories (such as zippers, standing rods, and more)


Product Care Guide | Keep your product in great condition to make it last for ages

· Do not rinse the product frequently.

· Maintain good ventilation and dry the product naturally to prevent mold and residual stains from damaging the product.
· Do not wash FREE CROXX products with shaping functions directly in a washing machine. Follow the product instructions for proper care and cleaning.

· Avoid packing an uncompressed product (such as a down jacket, sleeping bag, etc.)  directly into a compression bag.