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Children's tent: home life gives children a space to be alone

Since March, the epidemic has returned in all parts of China, and children in many areas have been living at home. During this period, parents should pay more attention to the relaxation of life and give children appropriate space to be alone than to pay attention to their children's every move all the time, so as to make their mental development more sound. So, how can we create a "happy camp" for children in the limited space?
We often say that teaching is fun and learning is fun. Interest is a driving force to motivate children to learn. Children's tents are not just furniture or toys. They are like an independent Nordic fairy tale space, allowing children to enjoy the fun of "camping" in their home life.
In the tent, children can read picture books they are interested in and play interesting "Family Games"; You can become an excellent designer, dress up beautiful ornaments for your own small world, or you can incarnate as a brave adventurer and play hide and seek happily with your friends. A small tent can satisfy children's infinite curiosity and exploration.
Children's imagination is rich. Different colors can stimulate their visual nerves, enhance their sensitivity to colors, improve their creativity, and satisfy their wild imagination.
Fun is the nature of children. On the premise of ensuring the rules of life and rest and the correct combination of learning and exercise, we need to create more free space for children, release their curiosity, meet their risk-taking psychology, and reasonably match daily life and play. Only in this way can children grow up healthily.

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