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Advantages and problems of children playing trampoline

Trampoline is a very popular and familiar entertainment for children. It can be played by one or several children. Sports psychologists show that trampoline is developed according to the psychological characteristics of children's entertainment and sports. It can promote the balance of children's leg muscles and cerebellum, develop the nervous system and brain nervous system more, and stimulate the bones mechanically, which is also beneficial to the growth of height.
Trampoline exercise can enhance the functions of various organ systems of children's bodies, accelerate blood circulation, strengthen metabolism, promote cardiopulmonary function, enhance lung power during playing trampoline, and have a good effect on preventing and treating common respiratory diseases. Exercise can also promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, enhance digestive capacity and appetite, and also have a certain auxiliary treatment effect on anorexia.
Children must pay attention to safety when playing trampolines. When children play on trampolines indoors, they should keep the indoor air fresh and do not use air conditioners or electric fans to blow directly. The trampoline must be kept away from windows and furniture and at least half a meter away from the wall. It is best to play under the care of parents to prevent children from jumping too high when they are happy. When buying a household trampoline, you should pay special attention to the quality, size, convenience and elasticity of use and collection. Especially with regard to quality, the quality of trampoline brands in the market is uneven. When purchasing, you must recognize the brand and qualification, and strictly control the quality. Otherwise, it is easy to cause danger.
When children play on the trampoline, do not carry any sharp, metal and other hard objects to prevent injury caused by falling during playing. At the same time, don't play while eating, so as to prevent food from falling into the trachea or getting stuck in the throat, resulting in suffocation and other serious consequences. At the same time, when playing on the trampoline, do not jump near the edge of the trampoline to avoid jumping out and causing injury. Children under 8 years old should play with their parents. The above is a warm reminder of common safety problems when children play trampoline. Parents should pay attention to it. Children do not have sufficient self-protection awareness and need parents' care and information to avoid unnecessary dangers.

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